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We're Brittany and Mike - the owners of Boba Tea Bend

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Our Story

My husband and I are originally from Fort Worth, Texas and moved to Central Oregon in 2021.  We both loved getting boba tea as a treat but after moving to this area we realized we couldn't get our fix.  So instead of accepting our fate we decided to change it.

And so Boba Tea Bend was born.


But how to make it a reality?  Well we soon noticed how popular food trucks are in Central Oregon and thought it was a match made in heaven. 


I spent many months researching everything I could to craft the best boba tea.  I taste-tested different products and ingredients and experimented  with flavors and chose only the best to work with.  I did the same with sourcing our coffee and hot chocolate.  We knew only the best ingredients would make the best drinks.


  We serve milk and fruit teas with a choice of topping.  Boba are small balls of tapioca and when cooked turn into a sweet chewy addition to drinks that makes them fun for kids and adults alike.  We are very excited to bring these delicious drinks to the Central Oregon area and hope you will come stop by and see us!

"Nothing fancy, just quality ingredients that make an awesome cup of boba"

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